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What is Fundamentalism? Or Islamic Fundamentalism!
Interpretation of Islamic Fundamentalism. Can Islam be modified or added to?
Terrorism; Is it synonymous to Islamic Fundamentalism
Freedom of Speech; What does the Quran say about it?
Quran and Science; Reply to Tasleema Nasreen's allegation
Religion identifies rules and punishments; Blasphemy and Terrorism!
Implementation of Islamic Law in Muslim and non-Muslim countries
The contextual reading of the Holy Quran; Is it necessary?
Reply to Tasleema Nasreen's allegation that Islam is the cause of Female Infanticide in Bangladesh

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Terrorism; Is it synonymous to Islamic Fundamentalism (terror)


Dr. Zakir NaikDr. Zakir Naik who is featured here is the President of the Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai, India. He is a dynamic international orator on Islam and Comparative Religion, renowned for his learning and scientific explanations from the Holy Quran.
Who is Dr. Zakir Naik? Learn more
This Page features many of his comments made during a press debate 'Is Religious Fundamentalism a stumbling Block to the Freedom of Expression?' held in Mumbai.
Speakers: Fr. M. Pereira, Dr. Vasudev Vyas, Dr. Zakir Naik & Mr. Ashok Shahane (Organized by the Bombay Union of Journalists, B.U.J. Hall, Fort, Mumbai, India, 30th June 1994)