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About Institute Al Islam

Institute Al Islam is an Internet Forum developed to promote Islam over the Internet. Institute Al Islam went online on the 5th of November 1998 with a view to establish a very professional Islamic Forum to provide quality Islamic propagation through the Internet.

At Institute Al Islam we aim to incorporate Islamic teaching to our institution and we believe in practicing Islam in its truth to the fullest.

Authenticity: Institute Al Islam helps you come closer to Islam as a religion. Articles and information contained on this site are up to date and have been reviewed before publication. We aim to incorporate Islam as provided by the Quranic Law and Sahih Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (May Allah's Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him). We invite Muslims and Non-Muslims both to a verse in the Holy Quran that states our mission:

Call them to the path of your Lord with wisdom and words of good advice; and reason with them in the best way possible. (Holy Quran; Surah 16; Verse 125)

Our initial aim is:

To make the Holy Quran popular among Muslims and Non-Muslims. And to propagate pure Quranic teaching.

To promote the life of Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) as the ideal for every Muslim to follow. And to make effort so that the Muslim has lesser hesitation towards accepting his religion and Islamic livelihood.

We sincerely hope that Allah Almighty will assist us in all our positive endeavors, InshAllah.

Yasser Masood
Director Institute Al Islam
April 1999


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